Friday, April 18, 2008

Life, It Doesn't Work...

Well, life blows... it's really bad when everything seems to go wrong and people, females that used to talk to me all the time, stop talking to me and wont even tell my why they stopped talking to me.
When the only girl that likes you is an hour away and isn't the best, somethings wrong.
Best friends... aren't they just wonderful... the way they talk to you all the time then, all of a sudden, decided that you aren't worth their time and stop talking to you and your left without a best friend... I love it... almost every best friend I have had has done just that...
What is the point of having a myspace if no one messages, or comments you?

Well, I think I'm done talking, no one seemed to want to listen to me rant so I put here so everyone can read it... *mutters* "although I doubt anyone will"

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nothing like a good slap in the face!

Well... had solo ensemble yesterday for choir... Men's did awesome... 39 out of 40... my first and only superior. My solo on the other had was, like I said, a slap in the face... i got a 23 out of 40... a good... a FUCKING GOOD!!! What the hell? I don't think she was even listening to me sing... Yeah, I know I'm not suppose to dwell on it... but how can you get over that quick? Gez....

Good news thought, I will be trained in upstairs at work before summer, and I have a prom date now... Tori Anne.

Well, I guess I'll try and get over this damn slap in the face... there is more too by the way but some of it I don't want to say to everyone.